Insurance Specifics

Common questions specifically about our vehicle hire insurance

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Yes, the hire price includes the price of the rental, the insurance (£5.00) and VAT (20%).

There is an excess of £1000 that can be reduced down to £250 by paying an excess waiver of £15.00 a day. You can opt out of this, but if you do and the vehicle is damaged, the full amount of £1000 must be paid. To find out more, please contact us

Contact us immediately. If it is out of office hours, we have 24 roadside assistance with RAC Recovery. Please call 0330-202-3000. 


**Assistance may be chargeable if found to be driver error. 

We cannot accept private individual’s insurance policies, only company fleet policies. If you are a company, the cover note of your insurance policy must be provided prior to the hire. 

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