Driver Requirements, Rules & Regulations

Common questions about you, the driver, and your driver's licence

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There are 3 important items you must bring when collecting the vehicle:

UK drivers should bring their valid driving licence (1), plus a secondary proof of address (2). Acceptable documents include utility bills and bank or credit card statements issued within the last three months. A National Insurance Number (3) is also required in order to verify your licence. Alternatively, an access code from the DVLA, which you can acquire from the DVLA’s online Share Driving Licence ( system, can be brought in for us to check.  



Persons who have been disqualified from driving during the last 24 months, or who have currently on their driving licence three or more convictions or any of the following offence codes:

  • Theft of unauthorised taking (UT)
  • Drink or drugs (DR)
  • Dangerous driving (DD)
  • Driving whilst disqualified (BA)

Must contact us to verify whether they can hire a vehicle. If you are unsure, just give us a call. 

Unfortunately, our Insurance claims you must hold a valid UK drivers licence in order to hire a van from Portman’s.

No, our Insurance requires you must have more than 24 months driving experience in order to hire.

Unfortunately you must be 23 in order to hire from us.

No. We do require you to physically have your driver's licence, and unfortunately cannot complete a hire without it.

As long as it is a legal licence for the term of hire.

No person other than the hirer or approved additional drivers are permitted to drive the vehicle hired. 

Please also note that mobile phones cannot be used while driving a vehicle in the United Kingdom. 

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